Victron Phoenix Smart Inverter (12V / 2000VA)

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The Victron Phoenix Smart inverter uses true sine wave Alternating Current to replicate the quality of domestic current, enabling the use of 230V appliances powered by a 12-volt leisure battery.

Built with portability in mind, the inverter's compact and lightweight build enhances its suitability for automotive and marine applications where space and weight are crucial.

The inverter integrates an RS-485 communication port that enables connectivity with a PC or laptop.

By utilising the VE.Bus to USB interface and downloading VEConfigure software from the Victron website, users can manage the inverter, adjust settings, and fine-tune parameters. This enables users to control aspects such as output voltage/frequency, over and under voltage thresholds, and relay configurations.

This model is the PIN122200000, featuring a continuous power output of 2000VA at 25°C. This ensures reliable power delivery for a range of applications, from powering essential devices to more energy-demanding equipment.