The company BRUNNER, established 1960, became quickly a leader comapny in the Italian market of leisure items and stated soon the sales activities also in many different European conturies. The continuous expansion of both market and customers leaded to great investments for a new structure (building of 38.000m³) for our new headquarters in Bolzano. More than 60 years of activity allowed BRUNNER to amass a huge experience and a great knowledge of this still growing market. In order to assure the originality and the commercial value of their products BRUNNER follows since ever with great professionalism and personal enthusiasm the tendencies of both market and public, still adapting the contents of our production and offer. Nowadays BRUNNER has not only a full range of leisure products at disposal but also a structure of 38.000m³, allowing the stock of products coming from the entire world and theis quick delivery within all the national and European territory. The huge assortment includes mor than 1.500 items, offering specific accessories for camping, leisure vehicles, indoor and outdoor sport activities.