Victron Phoenix Inverter (12V / 3000VA)

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The Victron Phoenix inverter is thoughtfully designed to prioritize high efficiency and outstanding performance.

It employs true sine wave Alternating Current, perfectly replicating household current, enabling the use of 230V appliances using just a 12-volt leisure battery. Thanks to its compact and lightweight build, it proves to be an ideal choice for both automotive and marine industries.

One of its remarkable features is the inclusion of an RS-485 communication port. This facilitates easy connectivity to a PC or laptop, provided you have the VE.Bus to USB interface and VEConfigure software downloaded from the Victron website.

With this setup, you gain control over the inverter, allowing you to fine-tune various parameters and settings, such as output voltage/frequency, over and under voltage thresholds, and relay settings.

The specific model is the PIN123020000, which boasts a continuous power output rating of 3000VA at 25°C.

- 12V Input

- 6000 Watt Peak Power

- 2500 Watt / 3000 VA Continuous

- Dimensions: 362mm (H) x 258mm (W) x 218mm (D)

- Weight:18kg