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How SOG® works 

Mobile Toilets 

The SOG® invention is a solution for eliminating toilet odours even without sanitary additives. How does it work?

A small, specially developed high-performance fan switches on automatically when the toilet valve is opened to create negative pressure in the waste-holding tank.

1.  This immediately creates “suction” at the valve opening, causing fresh air to be drawn in. Odours arising during use are therefore drawn in with the air and directed outside. The inward flow of air also behaves like a seal and fully prevents any unpleasant biogases from rising out of the tank.  This means more air (oxygen) is sucked into the cassette with each use. The flushing process also adds water each time.

2.  The system switches off automatically when the toilet valve is closed, but continues to provide permanent aeration – as the oxygen supply – through a pipe or hose connection that is always open to the outside, thereby promoting the decomposition process.

SOG® uses biological decomposition

Like in composting, the microorganisms that break down the organic material need both oxygen and water, since they can only absorb nutrients in dissolved form. A good ratio of oxygen supply to water content is the key condition for the decomposition process.Water also consists of 88.81 percent oxygen by weight. 

SOG® technology has been using these laws of nature successfully for more than 25 years, and even accelerates them by ensuring increased oxygen supply not only during use of the toilet but also when the valve is closed.   

Another example where similar technology is used is the activated sludge tank in sewage treatment plants. By introducing compressed air, oxygen is pumped in to cover the oxygen needs of the microbes essential for the biodegradation processes (i.e. to promote decomposition).
By installing the SOG II kit it means that Toilet Fluids and Special Toilet Rolls are no longer required. The SOG kit increases the airflow to the Toilet waste tank (similar to that of an aeration tank at a treatment plant), thus ensuring that waste is broken down quickly. The SOG a 12V Fan. Remote Carbon Filter, Hoses and various adaptors. The fan kicks in when the blade valve is opened and all gases are thus removed. The SOG II Filter is set remotely in the vehicle and the venting is done under the floor.