SMARTTANK Caravan Motorhome Smart waste tank

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The SMARTTANK is an intelligent wastewater tank with a clean overflow that purifies wastewater (grey water). The SMARTTANK is suitable for caravans and motor homes. The waste water in the SMARTTANK is collected in the first tank where pre-sedimentation takes place, then the waste water is filtered with an eco-filter. The sediment remains on this filter.

The wastewater then flows automatically to the second reservoir. In this second reservoir, post-sedimentation and impoundment take place, and the wastewater is cleaned again by two XXL sieve filters. In addition to the XXL strainers, the second reservoir also contains an overflow valve.

This overflow valve can be switched on or off manually, so that the treated water is slowly and gradually absorbed into the soil. (This is only allowed when using 100% biodegradable products). With the SMARTTANK, you can limit the emptying of your holding tank to once during your entire holiday by opening the overflow valve. (Only permitted in combination with 100% biodegradable products). So we are doing something sustainable for our environment.

A SMARTTANK for caravans and motor homes works according to the MIBA (Mobile Individual Wastewater Treatment) principle. The SMARTTANK is made of recycled raw materials. PCR (Post-Consumer Recycling)

How smarttank works

  1. Pre-sedimentation with grease trap
    (1st sedimentation)

  2. Intermediate filtration with ECO filter 
    Organic and suspended solids are largely filtered out

  3. Post-sedimentation/sedimentation
    2nd sedimentation

  4. Adjustable irrigation overflow
    with 2 change XXL sieve filters

  5. Gradual infiltration into the soil (provided irrigation overflow is switched on)

Optional flexi hose kit as seen in photo 2 available