RIB Neptune Single Seat Beds (pair)

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RIB Neptune Single Seat Beds - Priced In Pairs unless otherwise stated

Optional Slider Mechanism:

  • Standard Fixed Frame - Most common option in the UK, and still allows room underneath for a porta potti
  • Side Slider - Has side slider so you can position them together to make a double.
  • Forward & Side Slider Mechanism - A bit like your drivers seat, the frame is fixed but the seat can move forward and back in seat position by 20cm. Also has side slider so you can position them together to make a double.

Seat Belt Options:

  • Without belts - Typical for a conversion where you take a seat belt off the C pillar of the van, then add a buckle receiver to the seat base.
  • With Belts - Includes 3 point belts integrated - Note we can not add this retrospectively as the frame is different

Fabric Option:


Note centres are patterned the remaining panels are plain fabric as per your front seats

  • Bricks -T6.1 Fabric used on new shape transporter Highline vans.
  • Black - plain black fabric a popular option 
  • Simora - T6 fabric used from 2015+ on Highline vans, Titanium outer panels and Simora centre panels
  • Tasamo - Used on 2010+ T5s - Tasamo Uni dark grey all over the seat - Note the centre panel fabric has been discontinued.
  • Note the wedge cushions are an optional extra supplied by seat trimmers like Vision Leisure.