RIB 120XL three seater seat/bed

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New 120 RIB Altair 3 seat model available.
RIB have recognised the shift in customer demand towards a wider furniture unit but the need for a 3 seat. Instead of a 130 with a slim line unit, the 120 affords a wider unit.

Technical info:
  • Available in a offset of up to 160mm and height of 340mm (standard Transporter arch width) NOTE DRAWING SHOWS OLD HEIGHT OF 330. All seats after Sept 2021 are 287mm bedboard height, with 340 / 160 arch. 
  • Armrests : only possible on central, not available for external
  • Isofix : only 1 possible Isofix fixation on the central place, not possible on external ones

Frame Heights & Offset:

- The standard Banwy height of the frame is 340mm for standard frame or 287mm for with slider.
- The standard offset we use is 160mm to avoid the T6 arch for use in a Transit the frame is recommended to be placed slightly away from the wall to avoid indentation to the arch. 160mm is the maximum offset we can do on this seat due to testing.

- Fitment on the U.K. passenger side.

Fabric Options From Stock:

  1. Black Vinyl - with Black Enduro on sleeping side
  2. Bricks - T6.1 fabric on Highline T6.1 Bricks centres with Titanium outer panels.
  3. Black Noir - Automotive fabric in Black Noir all over - Compliments lots of automotive fabrics e.g. Trafic, VW, Merc.
  4. Simora -T6 fabric in Highline T6 Simora centres with TitanKim outer and rear panels.

- Available with 1 X Isofix to central seat place. Popular with Families, Grandparents & Rental Campers.


(other photos for colour ref only)