NDS Smart In Pure Sine Wave 24V 3000W Inverter High Capacity

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SMART-IN inverters can claim some of the lowest self-consumption on the market. Very often an inverter remains in stand-by mode, thus continuing to consume current, so having a low self-consumption allows you to conserve energy.

  • Totally isolated input and output, to prevent any anomaly in the equipment connected to the output from damaging the input or vice versa, allowing a high degree of safety.
  • Professional connectors which, unlike the cheap inverters commonly available on the market, are integrated directly into the board, allowing a substantial reduction in the voltage drop on the connection between the device and the battery, improving performance and, for the same power absorbed by a 230V consumer (e.g. a TV), consumption on the battery is lower than with classic inverters.

Connection [AC] UK socket x 2
Output Frequency [Hz] 50
Output Power [W] Continuous 3000
Output Power [W] Peak 8000
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Connection [DC] Screw clamp
Brand NDS
Voltage Description 24V DC Input, 230V AC Output
Model SP3000-24
Optional Remote Panel Yes
Cables Included Yes, for DC
Height Description 108mm (4.25")
Width 412mm
Depth 270mm
Weight 6.1 kg
Warranty 2 Years