Menabo Alcor 3 Tilting Bike Rack for Towbar (60kg Max.)

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Menabo Alcor 3 bike rack designed to attach to the towbar of a vehicle.

Made up of a steel frame with aluminium rails, this rack is capable of carrying up to two bikes with a maximum weight capacity of 60kg.

The anti-theft system enhances the security of both the bike rack and the bikes during transportation and when the rack is not in use.

The bike rack features a tilting system controlled by a pedal. This allows for easy access to the boot of the vehicle without the need to remove the bikes or the entire rack.

The design of the Alcor 2 makes it suitable for accommodating electric bikes (E-bikes) and bikes with wider tires, commonly known as Fat Bikes (typically 3.8 inches/97mm and wider).

The quick fixing system simplifies the process of attaching and detaching the bike rack to and from the towbar, providing a convenient setup.