Indel B Compressor Drawer Fridge (16 Litre)

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Indel B Compressor Drawer Fridge has a capacity of 16L. The Special line refrigerators allow maximum use of all cabin space. They easily adapt and can be installed in the smallest spaces of trucks, motorhomes and vans. TB16AM Drawer refrigerator is designed to make the most of interior space. Thanks to the portable compressor group, it is possible to install the refrigerator even in the tightest spaces, moving it from the back to one of the two sides or the upper part, thus modulating the 3 dimensions according to the space available. The Easyfix system allows an easy fixing from the inside (a screw from the inside out) or with two optional frontal flanges. If there is no containing cabinet, the refrigerator can be fixed to the floor with the 4L brackets provided. Refrigerant gas: R134a.

Certifications: CE, EMC, ROHS