Imass Instant Hot Water Heater (Gas) IWH-1.5E

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This mobile instantaneous water heater IWH-1.5 E, is the latest innovation in Europe and CE approved. It guarantees an instant and unlimited supply of hot water in caravans, Motorhomes and Horseboxes without any preheating. A comfort that you normally only enjoy at home is now also available in your RV. As there is always enough water available, it does not matter how many people want to take a shower or how long they intend to use it. This water heater can also be used for outdoor showers or for your children's paddling pool, no problem. If you like, you can also wash your caravan or car with the hot water from this heater.

• High efficient copper heat exchanger with an efficiency up to 92%

• Low temperatures of around 90°C

• Burner input power (propane/butane): 10 kW

• Up to 60% less gas consumption than regular tank models. Besides, no tank means no loss of heat and during the night, there is absolutely no noise.

• The water heater starts and stops automatically by sensing the water flow.

• Selection of the water temperature (35-60C) via remote control.

• The burner power is continuously adjusted by a modulating valve and aµ-Processor control.

• No corrosion problems or Legionella bacteria

• Low weight because there is no tank!

• Highly efficient exhaust blower

• CE- approved