HTD Grey 2-3 bike cover

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HTD 2/3 bike protective cover

Keep your bikes protected on the bike carrier while you drive. You will keep them protected from rain, mud and stones and as well as protecting the chains and gears from drying and brake cables from being damaged in the wind.
Ready to go, all you need is to add an obligatory signal panel (available option) that you can slide into the PVC pouch in the cover provided for this purpose.
It adjusts easily thanks to the tensioners incorporated into the cover.
4 attachments are mounted on the cover to attach the support straps.
A passage is also provided for an anti-theft chain (available option).
You will love its anthracite grey colour.
It is ruggedly manufactured from PU-coated 2100 polyester. Water-repellent, mildew-resistant and anti-UV treatment.
Storage bag included.

Other characteristics:
- Model designed to carry 2 or 3 bikes.
- Weight: 1.0 kg.

Not recommended for bike carriers on vans and not compatible with bike carriers whose dimensions (or the bikes transported) exceed those of the vehicle.