HEATEK Boilers 3L 6L 10L models

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The Heatek water heaters are ideal to heat up the water inside the caravan, RV or

Due to its smart design, the Heatek water heaters quickly heats up the
water and keeps it warm over long periods of time.

The advanced insulated housing maintains the water temperature at a constant level.

The high precision heating element and the special insulation housing
ensures the comfort of warm water for everyday needs.

The durable stainless steel tank is tested up to 5 bar and complies with the
European drinking water regulations.

The water heaters are easily operated by the control panels which can be
mounted on the wall. The control light shows the user its current state of the
water heater.

All water heaters are supplied a control panel, 2 drain taps, hose
clamps, mounting material and a multi language manual.

  • The 3L comes as a combi with a 12VDC 200W heating element and a 230VAC 300W
  • The 6L comes with a 230VAC 300W heating element
  • 10 liter with a 230VAC 600W element.