First Need Trav-L-Pure Water Purifier *clearance*

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Trav-L-Pure portable purification system is a favourite among travellers worldwide. Easy to use, just simply pour water into the container and pump. With no dangling hoses or external accessories, it is completely self contained. Sealed canisters protect against personal contact with contaminants being removed. The award winning "Structured Matrix" technology purifies instantly without the use of chemicals or electricity.

Avg. Capacity: 100 - 400 ltr

Kit comprises: 1x System, 1x Carry Case, 1x Test Kit


Particle Retention 0.4 microns
Min. Operating Temperature 33 °F (0.5 °C)
Max. Operating Temperature 100 °F (38 °C)
Nominal Capacity 125 gallons (1,000 pints)
Flow Rate 1.32 qt/min (1 lpm)
System Weight 1.38 lb / 600 g
Unit Size 6.6" × 4.4" × 3.3"