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With this Explosive Science kit from Science4you kids can explore the world of science and learn many new things such as how to make a fantastic rocket from a chemical reaction, make fizzy bombs, make a fun explosive bag, create a colour explosion or make a mini rocket and to pierce a balloon with it popping. 36 Page Educational Book provides detailed instructions and scientific information for 28 experiments.


  • Hands-on approach to scientific and educational matters
  • STEM focused- Which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • 36 Page Educational Book included
  • Raise children's scientific awareness by showing them how it can be used in their daily life
  • Contents: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, salt, iron powder, food coloring, protective goggles and gloves, funnel, variety of measuring cups, test tubes, pipettes, candle, plastic trays
  • Contents continued: Balloons, spatulas, paper sheets, "kaboom" paper sheet, and decorative stickers for the rocket
  • Batteries not required