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The perfect Touring Aerial. Ideal for permanent roof mounting on your Caravan, Motorhome, Canal Boat, Truck or Horsebox.

The Cosmos can be used either as a permanent fixture or portably with its light weight frame making it ideal for carrying around. Fix either to a boat, caravan, truck, canal boat, yacht or motorhome making it the perfect solution for you.

Within this technical design brought to you by KUMA the Cosmos will also help eliminate the need to locate the direction of your local TV and radio transmitter. Both analogue and terrestrial signals can be found effectively due to the system having a built in high gain level feature. This antenna also features a reliable signal amplifier as well as high receiver sensitivity.

In addition to the 12/24v booster, the Kuma Cosmos TV Aerial comes with an extra length of cable extension to make installation quick and easy.

Comes with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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