Truma Combi 4 E Space & Water Heater 4000W (Gas / Electric / Mixed Modes) KIT

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The Combi 4 E liquid gas heater is a warm air heater with an integrated hot water boiler. The appliance also has heating elements for electrical operation.

In heating mode, the heater can be used to heat both the vehicle and water simultaneously. Or if hot water alone is required, the hot water mode can be selected.

The lightweight combination heater runs in gas mode for self-sufficient use, in electrical mode for stationary use, and in mixed mode when outside temperatures are low.

A 10-litre stainless steel water tank is integrated into the system, which is jointly heated in winter. In summer mode, the user can heat the water independently of the heater. The water then reaches a temperature of 60 degrees in about 20 minutes.

With the Truma App, the user can switch their Combi heater on from a smartphone.

• Heating Mode

In Heating Mode the appliance automatically selects the required operating level according to the temperature difference between the temperature set on the control panel and the current room temperature.

If the water container has been filled, the water is automatically heated as well. The water temperature depends on the selected operating mode and the heater output.

Energy selection options:

- Gas mode: In this mode the appliance automatically selects the operating level that is required.

- Electric mode: In this mode an output of 900 W (3.9 A) or 1800 W (7.8 A) can be manually preselected in accordance with the fuse protection at a campsite.

If more output is required (e.g. heating up or low outside temperatures) gas or mixed mode should be selected so that enough heating power is always available.

- Mixed mode: In this setting 230V electric mode is preferred if the power requirement is only low (e.g. for maintaining the room temperature). The gas burner is not enabled until the power requirement is higher, and is the first to switch off during heat-up operations.

• Hot Water Mode (with filled water container only)

Gas mode or 230V electric mode is used for hot water preparation. The water temperature can be set to 40 °C / ECO or 60 °C / HOT (ECO, HOT only with control panel Truma CP plus).

- Gas mode: In this mode the water is heated at the lowest burner setting. Once the water temperature has been reached, the burner switches off.

- Electric mode: In this setting an output of 900 W (3.9 A) or 1800 W (7.8 A) can be manually selected in accordance with the fuse protection at a campsite.

Mixed mode is not possible with the Hot Water Mode setting as the appliance automatically selects electric mode.

If the 230V power supply is disconnected or fails, the heater automatically switches over to gas mode.

- Energy sources: Propane, butane, electricity

- Operating pressure: 30 mbar

- Rated heat output in gas mode: 2000 W / 4000 W

- Rated heat output in electric mode: 900 W / 1800 W

- Rated heat output in mixed mode: max. 3800 W

- Fuel consumption: 160 - 335 g/h

- Air flow rate (free blowing) with 4 warm air outlets: max. 287 m³/h

- Water capacity: 10 litres

- Pump pressure: max. 2.8 bar

- System pressure: max. 4.5 bar

  • Truma Combi 4 E Heater
  • Truma CP Plus digital control panel
  • Truma Combi JG assy pack
  • Truma Combi 6m data cable
  • Truma Combi exhaust cowl kit