CBE PC180 power management system complete

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The CBE PC210 KIT is an all in 1 electric kit

The CBE PC180 is a LED lit all in 1 electric kit for campervans & motorhomes 

Great for new conversions as it has just about everything you need all in the one unit 

A great entry level all in one unit that gives you allot of the same features as the PC210

The PC 180 has all the functionality of the LED panels associated with their Campervan Power Management and brings some new features

For Example a twilight sensor that automatically controls the LEDs’ brightness according to the ambient light level

CBE make the installation relatively simply as all your wires connect to the multi plugs making the rest plug and play installation

What you get in the kit:

  • PC180 control panel
  • 12v distribution box
  • Protection fuses
  • Switching mode battery charger
  • Screw probes for waste water tank (fresh probe not included)
  • Cables for control panel 6 Metre


  • Microprocessor controlled system with LED display
  • Car battery test
  • Service battery
  • Control lights
  • Control water pump
  • Control external light
  • Batteries parallel relay
  • Control fridge
  • Car battery recharging control


  • DS300 12v Box – 140mm W x 185mm H x 90mm D
  • DS120S 230v Box – 140mm W x 185mm H x 90mm D
  • CB516 Charger – 140mm W x 185mm H x 90mm D
  • PC210 Panel – 190mm W x 130mm H