CBE CB522 12v/22A Lithium Battery Charger

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Upgraded charger for new Lithium batteries 

The cb522-lt features overheating protection, plus the 12v outputs are protected against short circuits and polarity inversion.
Automatic charging system takes place in four phases.
· phase 1: bulk – the battery is charged with maximum current until the end-of-charge voltage is reached.
· phase 2: absorption – battery charging is completed with constant end-of-charge voltage for a maximum time of 1h (or 30 minutes with i<5a).
· phase 3: float – maintenance charging at a constant voltage of 13.5v for a maximum time of 240 hours. the cycle is resumed from the bulk phase if battery voltage drops below 12.7v after a high load has been switched on.
· phase 4: refresh – the battery is charged to the voltage of 14.5v for a maximum time of 30 minutes (or up to i<5a). afterwards, the charge restarts from the float phase.
*input technical data
• Rated voltage; 230v ~ ±10%
• Frequency; 50÷60 hz
• Max. power; 320 w
• Protection fuse; t 3.15a (glass 5×20)
• Safety switch; 230v ~ luminous
*output technical data
• Bulk voltage; 14,5v
• Float voltage; 13,5v
• Maximum output current; 22a
• Charging line; iuou
• Short circuit and polarityinversion protection; 30a (car type)
• Thermal protection; yes
• Signal ac power supply (s); 12v; 50 ma
*general technical data
• Efficiency; 86%
• Room temperature; 0 – +40 °c
• Ventilation; gradual automatic regulation
• Low voltage directive; 2014/35/ue
• Emc directive; 2014/30/ue
• Connection to network; 3-pole “mate-n-lock” connector / schuko plug
• Connection to battery; screw m6
• Network signal connection; faston type 6,3
• Temperature sensor; yes, included
• Dimensions; 180 x 190 x 85 (mm)
• Weight; 1,2kg