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Refillable Gas Bottles made of Solid Steel

CAMPKO refillable gas bottles have a special advanced safety valve with an 80% fill stop function that prevents overfilling. The gas bottle therefore no longer needs to be replaced as current conventional gas cylinders are, but can be refilled at any time.

CAMPKO refillable gas bottles are specially designed for installation in campers & caravans. The mounting feet integrated in the bottom of the bottle allow a safe installation which can withstand 20 g in the direction of travel and 8 g sideways. The removable collar protects the valve from visible and invisible damage during transport.

We also have hose and connections to connect to your existing system.

The CAMPKO STEEL refillable gas bottle is a real heavyweight with its high safety standard. Compared to aluminum gas bottles or the composite gas bottle it has a higher empty weight, but it is the only refillable gas bottle with the high ECE 67R-01 standard from the automotive sector. Refillable gas bottles with ECE 67R-01 homologation are not subject to a 10-year inspection period by TÜV.

The bottle collar can be removed for space-saving installation in the gas locker of the motor home. In many cases, the open design of the cylinder collar provides enough space to install a propane regulator or Drehmeister gas cylinder filter without having to remove the collar.

The CAMPKO refillable gas bottle has a mechanical gas level indicator on the valve and due to its material it is compatible with all external gas level indicators from Rotarex, Mopeka, Gaslevel, GOK & Brunner W8 (available from us) 

If the weight of the refillable gas cylinder is not a decisive criterion, the CAMPKO STEEL refillable gas cylinder is an optimal solution. It is economically superior in price to the composite and aluminum gas cylinder, offers the user a high standard of safety and has no 10-year inspection period.

 Buying Guide -

Select the size bottle you want, select the inlet type (straight or angle), check the distance between the bottle location and inlet location, and buy the correct length filling hose, (again either straight or angled connection), don't forget a bottle holder if you don't already have one, and the DREHMEISTER adaptor set so you can fill up at any LPG forecourt in the UK or Europe. All these items are availible on our website just type 'Campko' in the search bar.