Truma Combi D6E Space & Water Heater (6000W)

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Gen 1 Truma D6e Combi heater 6000w


Please note the wall cowl is black not white as in photo.

The Truma 33513-26/MIR Gen1 Combi D 6 (E) diesel heater is a warm air heater with an integrated hot water system (10 litre volume).

In heating and hot water mode the heater can be used to heat the vehicle and heat water up at the same time. If only hot water is required, the user can select the hot water mode.

Operating modes:

- Diesel mode only: for autonomous use

- Electric mode only: With 230V for stationary use

- Mixed mode (diesel and electrical mode): Only possible in heating and hot water mode

• Heating and Hot Water Mode

In heating and hot water mode, the unit automatically selects the required operating level according to the temperature difference between the temperature set on the control panel and the current room temperature.

If the boiler has been filled, the water is automatically heated as well. The water temperature depends on the selected operating mode and the heater output.

All three energy selection options can be used for winter deployment.

- Diesel mode: The unit automatically selects the operating level that is required.

- Electrical mode: In this mode an output of 900 W (3.9 A) or 1800 W (7.8 A) can be manually preselected in accordance with the fuse protection at a campsite.

If more output is required (e.g. heating up or low outside temperatures) diesel or mixed mode should be selected so that enough heating power is always available.

- Mixed mode: In this setting 230V electrical mode is preferred if the power requirement is low (e.g. for maintaining the room temperature). The diesel burner is not enabled until the power requirement is higher, and is the first to switch off when heating is in progress.

• Hot Water Mode (with filled boiler only)

Diesel mode or 230V electrical mode is used to generate hot water. The water temperature can be set to 40 °C or 60 °C.

- Diesel mode: In this setting the water is heated at the lowest burner setting. Once the water temperature has been reached, the burner switches off.

- Electric mode: In this mode an output of 900 W (3.9 A) or 1800 W (7.8 A) can be manually selected in accordance with the fuse protection at the campsite.

- Mixed mode: This mode is not possible. With this setting the unit automatically selects electrical mode. The diesel burner is not enabled.

Please note: The heater requires DIN EN 590 diesel fuel for operation. Operation using bio-diesel (PME, RME or AME) is not permitted.

Product contents:

- Combi D 6 E (33516-78)

- Combi frost control JG assy (36100-52)

- Truma CP Plus Control Panel

- 6 Metre control cable (36110-52)

- Duct kit Combi D 1.0M BPK12 (34502-73)

- Wall Cowl Inner Part (36140-51)

- Cowl outer part black ZR80 (36151-59)

- 4 Metre cable for room sensor (34000-71900)

- Fuel line 5x1.5mm BPK 100M (34020-01315)

- Caravan Heater Pack FTG 820x1070 (358710)

- Caravan Heater Pack Top FTG 580x480x30 (358713)

- Caravan Heater Pack Outer 587x487x440 (358707)

- Energy sources: Diesel as per EN 590

- Rated heat output in gas mode: 2000 W / 4000 W / 6000 W

- Rated heat output in electric mode: 900 W / 1800 W

- Rated heat output in mixed mode: max. 5800 W

- Fuel consumption: 220 - 630 ml/h (110 ml/h with average heat output of 1000 W)

- Air flow rate (free blowing) with 4 warm air outlets: max. 287 m³/h

- Water capacity: 10 litres

- Pump pressure: max. 2.8 bar

- System pressure: max. 4.5 bar