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Westfield HYDRA 300 air (Low & High Top)

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The Hydra is an excellent mid sized motorhome awning that is amazingly easy to use, erect and live with. It uses the excellent Air Erect System@ (AES) which not only makes it amazingly easy to pump up as each tube only takes approximately 10 pumps to inflate, but is also reliable, durable and easy to use. The use of the super brand new HydraDore SL material means that this is extremely lightweight, making it even easier to carry, store, use and erect. It is also quick to dry and UV coated to help prevent damage from the sun and prolong the life of the awning. The addition of the door in the tunnel allows you to enter and exit the awning without walking though the main awning, perfect when you have muddy boots and coats. 

Low Top: 180 - 245 cm

High Top: 245 - 280 cm