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Truma Saphir Vario under-floor Air conditioning unit Motorhome Caravan or Camper

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Truma Saphir vario

Storage box system for false floors

The Saphir vario is extremely efficient and has a very compact design. At just 20 centimetres high, it is the only air conditioning system that can be installed in a false floor.


Versatile: Three variable operating levels, each with two different fan speeds, ensure maximum comfort.

Quiet: In sleep mode the fans are at their lowest setting and are almost silent.

Practical: With the integrated timer you can programme the system to switch off between 15 minutes and
24 hours in advance.

Technical data

• Cooling power: 600/1500/2000 W
• Power consumption: 1.7/3/4.4 A
• Dimensions: 800 x 550 x 200 mm (L x W x H) • Weight: 28 kg


Independent cooling

Together with the TG 1000 sinus power inverter, the system
runs completely independently, powered either by the battery when stationary (Saphir vario) or by the vehicle alternator when driving (Saphir vario

and Saphir compact).