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Quest Elite Signature Emperor bell tent

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A premium quality, cotton canvas frame tent with an extra thick zip in groundsheet makes this a fantastic family friendly tent or perfect for a couple who want that bit more space.
Be the envy of all campers onsite with this amazing “big top tent” and stand out from the crowd whilst also making sure you never lose where you pitched your tent again. The Emperor is the ultimate Glamping tent which enables you to utilise the space anyway you want and make it different every time you go away or even adjust it for when friends come to stay.
100% cotton material means no more worrying about “is my tent leaking?” as this is a fully breathable material. With this in mind, the cotton material has much better insulation properties which will keep the tent cooler in the summer and warmer in the colder months enabling you to camp all year round.
The heavy-duty PVC groundsheet can be unzipped and rolled up to allow the breeze to come through on those hot days to give you that 360° Vista View.
The steel frame construction is robust giving you peace of mind that this tent will be with you for years to come. Complete with everything you need to set up including heavy duty pegs, pre-attached guy lines & rain cowls for the “A frame”.

Quest Tec FullC Fabric
This is a true premium quality fabric. Firstly it is a full 100% cotton canvas. This is no part cotton and part polyester fabric, it is a true 100% full cotton canvas. Cotton is more U.V. resistant than polyester and polycotton and the fabric is treated against mould, rot and U.V. degradation giving it extra durability, extra strength and extra protection against the elements. The process that treats the fabric is also a premium process and not simply a coating. The process ensures that the treatment impregnates the material fully which ensures the very best protection for the fabric and also ensures the fabric keeps its breathability. So this is a full 100% cotton material, treated against the elements, waterproof and is still a breathable material giving you the very best of everything in one fabric.
The fact that this is 100% cotton also means that it is stronger than its polyester and polycotton rivals and has no need for ripstop as the fabric is already extremely tear resistant. Even in the event of an issue cotton material is repairable, so you can repair it if required. The breathability of this fabric means that the tent feels cooler in the summer and helps avoid condensations as it allows the tent to breath. It is also warmer in the colder months as the material is thicker than its polyester and polycotton rivals and has more natural insulation to help keep the warmth in.

Fully Zipped in Groundsheet (ZIG)
This tent features a fully zipped in groundsheet, which is a premium feature that allows you to unzip the groundsheet from the main tent. The ZIG gives you the ability to use the 360 Vista view without the need to unpeg anything. It also makes it easier to manage as whilst unzipped the groundsheet can be taken away and cleaned separately from the main tent. The groundsheet itself is a heavy duty, premium 540gsm full PVC material. This material is extremely hard wearing, durable and easy to clean. The groundsheet also gives you extra protection from the ground as it adds that extra layer between you and the earth. The fact that it is a zipped in groundsheet also means that it adds strength and stability to the tent as the groundsheet becomes an integral part of the unit.

Single Person Pitch
This tent can be pitched by a single person. It is quicker to do it with two, but can be pitched by one. We test pitch every tent ourselves and only tents that we pitch with one person get this feature. If we only need a little help from a second person that it simply does not get the single person pitch feature.

360 Vista View
The Vista view feature is a great addition to your tent. This allows you to roll up the entire side wall of the tent up and toggle in place. This leaves you with a stunning 360 degree view all around and a magical floating roof. On those really hot days this can be a great benefit, a really different way to appreciate, use and have fun with your tent. All this is done without the need to pitch or rep itch your tent, you simply unzip the sidewall from the groundsheet, then roll it up and secure in place with the in-built toggles. You can even do the vista view on part of the tent and leave the rest in standard mode the versatility is built in.

Scenic Windows
Bell tents usually do not have windows, but this bell tent does. Windows are great in tents they allow light in and keep the weather out, allowing you to use them all year round. This tent has them built in from the start. They are premium quality crystal clear windows giving you great and un-obscured views and have internal zipped blinds. This give you the ability to zip them shut for additional privacy whenever you want.

No-Chill premium mesh
This tent has built in ventilation using the Quest premium no-chill mesh. This mesh is extremely strong, durable and hard wearing. It is pull and damage resistant and looks great. The structure and build quality of the mesh allows the air in, but keeps the wind chill out. When wind blows against this mesh the air is allowed though, which allows for perfect air circulation, but it stops the wind so you don’t feel the wind chill. Our mesh panels all have premium zipped internal blinds which allows you to fully close the vents when you want to.

Inner Tent Ready
This tent is inner tent ready ready, which means it can gave at least one inner tent fitted inside the tent to give you that sleeping pod / sleeping area. The inner tent is simplicity itself, to fit it all you do is clip the inner tent in place using the toggles on the inner tent and the sewn in toggles points in the tent. If you don’t want to use the inner tent during the day, you can simply remove it or even just drop it to the floor.

Sustainable and good to the earth.
The cotton used in our tents has been sourced from sustainable materials which ensures that our consumers are able to buy our products safe in the knowledge that they do not use the most toxic pesticides and herbicides throughout the growth of the cotton.

Available in two sizes and featuring the Quest Tec FullC 100% cotton canvas.
Premium feel, wear and performance.
Fully breathable fabric allows the bell tent to breath, stopping condensation and making it cooler on the hotter days.
Fully zipped groundsheet (ZIG) : A full size, premium quality, heavy duty, zipped in PVC floor.
Single person pitch: Designed so it can be pitched by one person.
Eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing process.
Strong, minimal, spring loaded frame.
360o Vista view: All the lower sides roll up to give you a 'fully-floating' roof and un-restricted 360 degree views.
Permanent, built in ventilation in the roof.
Fully zipped ventilation windows for maximum additional air flow.
Compact pack size.
Inner tent ready : Optional inner tent available.
Sustainable and good to the earth.

Warranty: 24 months.
Fabric: Quest Tec FullC
Floor: 540g Full PVC
Quest No-Chill : premium, max strength mesh.
Berth : 1 - 12 : (1-4 out of inner tent, 1-8 inside inner tent).
Height: 300 cm.
Size: 600 x 400 cm.
Doorway height: 185 cm.
Pack size - 105 x 38 x 38cm
Main canvas weight: 23 kg.
Groundsheet weight: 14.5 kg.
Frame weight: 21 kg.
Total weight: 56 kg.

Optional Extras
Premium 5 star inner tent
400 x 240 cm Large tarp
250 x 250 cm Triangle tarp